LiveAds is a versatile content management system (CMS) that allows you to store and retrieve information on the web.

LiveAds™ Modules

  • Powerful .cgi script
  • Plug in to any website
  • Add/Update content via the web
  • Upload and display images
  • Simple control panel access
  • Assorted modules available
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Live Ads are Fully Resizable
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Customised modules available for different uses.
  • News headlines module
  • Site Menu module
  • Bookings module
  • Events module
  • Food menu module
  • Paypal module
  • Images module
  • Blank canvas module
  • Customised modules
Each module comes with 3 files, a cgi script, a html template and a text file.
Simply upload to your site and you're ready to self-edit.

Use modules by themselves or use a combination to create your own fully editable website design.

  • Powerful .cgi script
  • Flat file database (.txt file)
  • Changeable template (HTML file)
  • Design your own fully editable site
  • Easy to implement
  • Works in all browsers
  • 24/7 access to change
  • Plugs into any website
  • Resize to suit your need
  • No SSI required
With the addition of a few LiveAds modules you can add a live element to your website and keep it forever refreshed or create a completely new website using a choice of assorted modules to suit your needs.
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