LiveAds™ Images Module
Various LiveAds™ modules are available to suit specific purposes. LiveAds™ Images Module helps you easily display and replace images on a page.
  • LiveAds™ Blank Canvas helps you store and edit page information. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ Images helps you store, upload and display images. - See below
  • LiveAds™ Paypal lets you sell goods direct. Links the product direct to your Paypal. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ Events helps you promote specials, sales and events. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ Bookings helps point people to your bookings pages. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ Site Menu link to other pages with a site menu. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ News justified text to fit news in a column. - see sample
Place LiveAds™ modules into an iframe on your web page.
Combining a few LiveAds™ modules to create a webpage is called a theme.
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Upload your image. Add the page link & save.
Store and display up to 30 different images.
*No HTML knowledge required.

Image Control Panel Options
Image (upload option)
Image link: (link to a page)

Iframe Code (adjust height and width to suit).
<iframe name="livead1" src="Place link to your LiveAds image module here" width="100%" height=320 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 hspace=0 vspace=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no></iframe>
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