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LiveAds is a versatile new content management system (CMS) that allows you to store and retrieve information on the web.

LiveAds™ Modules
The easiest way to create a fully updatable website is to piece one together with LiveAds modules.

  • Incorporate into any website
  • Design your own template
  • Add/Update content via the web
  • Simple control panel access
  • Assorted modules
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LiveAds™ - Information Storage

Modules are similar in function to a pre-formatted database. They are set up with the right fields in place to perform a certain duty. Content is sorted out and stored inside a flat file database system driven by a user friendly control panel. This allows you to log in to add, change or update the displayed content anytime.

Various modules have been created to perform specific functions. For example the Paypal module will store and display your product information and automatically link them to your Paypal checkout page to sell them online. The Events module is for storing and displaying coming events. Combine a few of our modules to design your own website and have it perform all of the functions you require whilst leaving you in full control.

Nobody enjoys a stale website, and they don't have to. Now you can edit your site yourself. With LiveAds modules you get full control behind a password secured control panel. They allow you to update and refresh the content of your site as often as you want and to keep your visitors up to date.

Turn your previously static website into a fully updatable website with LiveAds modules.
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