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General Information
HotelsBendigo.com is a unique online business directory providing local business information and links to access Bendigo's most popular hotels. HotelsBendigo.com gives you articles on beer, wine & spirits and click-easy access to Bendigo's popular pubs, clubs, nightclubs and more.
Marketing Information
Suitable for LiveAds.biz publishers wanting to promote to the hotel market around Bendigo. Still at marketing stage, no visitor counts available. Expected to receive over 15,000 unique visitors per month by 2010.
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LiveAds™ placements are available on front page, index pages and story pages. Use your own LiveAds™ subscription or purchase together below. All great eye-catching spots.
DIMENSIONS: 180w X 200h pixels
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LIMITS: 16 LiveAds™
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Index pages $22.00 $165.00 $440.00
Index pages + LiveAds™ $33.00 $198.00 $473.00
Story pages $33.00 $275.00 $550.00
Story pages + LiveAds™ $44.00 $308.00 $583.00
Other pages from $22.00 $154.00 $308.00
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