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General Information
Made for the bargainhunters around Bendigo, MarketPlaceBendigo.com.au is a unique local classifieds website where visitors can pick up a bargain. MarketPlaceBendigo.com.au specialises in providing helpful links for both buyers and sellers around Bendigo.
Marketing Information
Suitable for LiveAds.biz publishers wanting to sell products direct from the site.
Placement Information
LiveAds™ placements are available on front page. Use your own LiveAds™ subscription or purchase together below. All great eye-catching spots.
DIMENSIONS: 180w X 200h pixels
OTHER SIZES: negotiated
LIMITS: 16 LiveAds™
Without LiveAds™ $16.50 $132.00
With LiveAds™ subscription $27.50 $220.00
3 Pack with bonus LiveAds™ subscription $49.50 $396.00
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