LiveAds™ Blank Canvas Module
Various LiveAds™ modules are available to suit specific purposes. With all the features of an online notice board, the Blank Canvas module is the most widely used of the LiveAds™ modules.
  • LiveAds™ Blank Canvas helps you store and edit page information. - See below
  • LiveAds™ Images helps you store, upload and display images. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ Paypal lets you sell goods direct. Links the product direct to your Paypal. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ Events helps you promote specials, sales and events. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ Bookings helps point people to your bookings pages. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ Site Menu link to other pages with a site menu. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ News justified text to fit news in a column. - see sample
Place LiveAds™ modules into an iframe on your web page. Sample below.
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*HTML knowledge could be advantageous.

Control Panel Options
Image (upload option)
Paragraphs Text
Frame Padding
Page Alignment
(center, left or right)

Iframe Code (adjust height and width to suit).
Place this code on your webpage where you want the LiveAds box to appear.
<iframe name="livead1" src="Place your Blank Canvas link here" width="100%" height=320 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 hspace=0 vspace=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no></iframe>
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