Incorporate LiveAds™ into your website.
LiveAds.biz modules give you the power to store, edit and display information online.
Insert LiveAds™ modules on any web page and from then on login and update via the web.
Use modules inside an iframe on your web pages. Wherever you place a LiveAds™ module you can log in and update the information it contains.
Place one or more modules on your own website, display them on other websites too.
LiveAds.biz module benefits.
Control panel to add / edit information.
  • Add information anytime
  • Store business promotions
  • Store products information
  • Store events information
  • Store up to 30 LiveAds™
Place an iframe on your web page.
  • Display business promotions
  • Display products information
  • Display events information
  • Display up to 30 LiveAds™
  • Update information anytime
Various LiveAds™ modules have been made to perform specific tasks. These modules make it simple by giving you a click-easy control panel, made to perform just the functions you require.
For clients without HTML knowledge simply choose the right module that suits your needs. Make your first module the LiveAds™ events module to promote up to 30 of your latest products and services. Make the second module the LiveAds™ Paypal module to help you sell your products direct from your page. No HTML knowledge required.
For clients with HTML knowledge the Blank Canvas modules will most likely best suit your overall needs.
You can also use HTML tags in the body text to format your page & create your own links.
It's often advantageous to have more than 1 module on a web page. Mix a few modules to create a page that suits your needs. Combining a few LiveAds™ modules to create an entire webpage is called a theme.
  • LiveAds™ Blank Canvas helps you store and edit page information. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ Images helps you store, upload and display images. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ Paypal lets you sell goods direct. Links the product direct to your Paypal. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ Events helps you promote products, specials, sales and events. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ Bookings helps point people to your bookings pages. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ Site Menu link to other pages with a site menu. - see sample
  • LiveAds™ News justified text to fit news in a column. - see sample
  • Direct access: visit the LiveAds™ page directly - see sample
  • Insert on a website: place an iframe on a web page - see sample
Webmasters: you can rent out your web space using LiveAds.biz modules. Offer your clients advertising on your website. Give clients the opportunity to log in and update their own LiveAds™ on your website. Hire out your LiveAds™ module.
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